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Young Montana‘s debut album Limerence is a welcome surprise from an producer I had almost forgotten about. There is something to be said for the element of surprise, though Limerence undoubtedly boasts the production quality and structural integrity of an inherently unique and impressive chunk of sonic mass. It is full of soul, movement, and texture, and rides from start to finish with poise and bravado. It is electronic music at it’s best, proving that artists defining the contemporary progressive beat movement are something much more than knob-twiddlers. My only, small complaint with the album is that it goes too far at times (particularly in some of the later tracks) by pulling a few superfluous elements out of the bag of tricks and over-saturating the rhythmic and tonal spectra. These moments are few and far between, and by occasionally erring on the side of crazy-awesome, Young Montana pushes the envelope, hard. This is a great build of music to mull over and/or dance to. You can buy the album for only $8, and get a taste of one of the album’s groovier jams below.

Young Montana – Sacre Cool

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Classic: Young Montana? – Limerence http://bit.ly/jyiezn

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RT @dippedindollars: Classic: Young Montana? – Limerence http://t.co/fMiZ7ta via @shufflerfm

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