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Claude VonStroke

Sometimes you can come across an artist just because you saw a name that stood out.  Claude VonStroke had a good ring to it and it turns out his music does too! I feel like I could listen to “Monster Island”, the lead track of his new album Bird Brain, for hours on end and still be completely baffled by how good every glitch, kick, and horn sounds. While described as […]

White Lies

“To lose my life”, the first album by British outfit White Lies has proven to be very divisive among critics. While some have praised the band’s dark sound, huge riffs, and bewitching choruses as the newest sensation in Pop Rock, others have felt that the type of music they are doing has been mastered by the likes of Interpol with better compositions and especially…better lyrics.  Personally, despite clunky phrasing, songs […]

Melissa Laveaux

A new artist you (maybe) haven’t heard about. Melissa Laveaux is a charming young lady with a very interesting back story and even more interesting music. Born in Montreal of Haitian parents, bred in Ottawa where she went to college and currently living in Paris, she blends folk music, Creole blues, and an amazingly entrancing voice in her album “Camphor and Copper” to produce a record of complex and subtle […]

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