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Local: Tickle Torture – Spiritual Machete EP

It is always a true delight when great music is sent our way straight from your backyard, and the latest work from Minneapolis-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer Elliot Kozel (a.k.a. Tickle Torture) stands out as a fresh example of local talent that needs to be shared. With a firm nod to the “purple sound” coming out of Minneapolis in the early 80s, Tickle Torture takes this synth heavy template to […]

Boerd – Velocity EP

This feature was written by Crimson. A name new to me, Sweden’s Boerd has recently put out an amazing collection of songs through his Velocity EP. His style showcases a knack for production with the use of elegant composing, crystal clear sonicĀ palettes, and an overall great sense for structure and dynamic range. He packs some of the best conventions of electronic music into each of his tracks without excess. Be […]

Lapalux – When You’re Gone

Computer-based production can make it difficult to create music that sounds truly alive. While a producer gains impeccable precision and the ability to compose with a multitude of sounds at the whim of a keystroke, he or she can easily lose the warmth and organic architecture that often comes naturally through live instrumentation. On his new EP release, When You’re Gone (which is available now through Brainfeeder), Lapalux unwinds this […]

LP: Jonti – Sine & Moon

Word has come via Stone’s Throw of Australian producer Jonti‘s new album Sine and Moon, a free collection of 15 tracks spanning a variety of styles. The album’s title matches its sound quite well, as Jonti employs the use of lighthearted samples, light, pitter-patter sine-based synths and some occasional tropics-infused vocal elements while bathing the entire sound in a wash of after-hours, moon glazed placidity. Check our favorites below and […]

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