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VIDEO: Avalon Emerson – “Quoi!”

The SF wonder that is Avalon Emerson is back in a big way. She’s celebrating her first vinyl release Pressure/Quoi! on ICEE HOT with an astonishingly gorgeous interactive video for “Quoi!”. Crafted by SF 3D artist Cabbibo, the video is lush visually and perfectly complements the track. (I certainly was unable to stop fiddling with it.) W A T C H   I T   H E R E. As […]

Sibille Attar – “Julian! I Want To Be A Dancer!”

We’re so so excited to be premiering a new track today from Sibille Attar, “Julian! I Want To Be A Dancer!”. I first caught wind of the Swedish chanteuse through an interview with Veronica Maggio and upon further investigation realized that she’s collaborated with my longtime loves Camera Obscura (among countless others). This light-hearted track is a breath of fresh air during these cold December days, with film samples that […]

Sam Smith – “Nirvana” (Two Inch Punch Promised Land Remix)

After some amazing collaborations, Sam Smith is set to release his debut EP on October 4th. One of our favorite remixers, Two Inch Punch, has stepped up to the plate and transformed his track “Nirvana”. He’s taken the delicate guitar-focused original and infused it with some much-needed beats. It is noticeably darker and the vocals are given appropriate room to breathe. Everything he touches turns to gold, and I for […]

The Soft – “Painted”

Today we were fortunate enough to hear from one of our favorite labels, Ceremony. Their latest release is from The Soft with their single “Painted” paving the way for their Uncanny Valley EP. The track is spacious and light while managing to retain an undercurrent of sadness. The full EP is out September 24th on very limited vinyl, snag that here.

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