• Interview + LP: Activia Benz – Activia Frenz
    Interview + LP: Activia Benz - Activia Frenz

    Activia Benz‘s new Activia Frenz compilation is great. Activia Benz / Slugabed agreed to make a mix for us last year and didn’t, so I’m going to use this opportunity to publish our stellar interview. How did Activia Benz come about? Greg: We were in the Pub and we wanted to start a record label. Jake: SO WE DID! What artists are on the label? Jake: Deech, 813, Arm Watches […]

  • Interview: Sylvan Esso
    Interview: Sylvan Esso

    We had the chance to sit down with Amelia Meath and Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso to ask them a few questions before their show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY. Why the name Sylvan Esso? Nick: Well, it’s kind of an in-joke. But, really, it’s just impossible to name your band anymore. Have you seen all of these dudes just adding a letter to a normal word… Amelia: […]

  • Classic | Interview: Tokyo Hands – Islands EP
    Classic | Interview: Tokyo Hands - Islands EP

    Tokyo Hands‘ Islands EP hits on levels that haven’t been experienced since Cashmere Cat‘s Mirror Maru EP, and I was fortunate to shoot the Charlotte, North Carolina-based producer a few questions about the release. This is your first EP on Donky Pitch. How did the signing come about? I guess we were joking around in Soundcloud messages. They asked me for tunes, so I sent em over. Tokyo Hands – […]

  • Tireme – “Virgin Island”

    We were introduced to Tireme a few weeks ago, with little knowledge of their origins, other than that they recently “emerged from the sea”. We got the chance to ask the duo a couple questions in advance of the release of their Virgin Island EP, and fittingly, their answers have left us with only more questions. They were gracious enough to provide us with this mini-mix, leaving the music to […]

  • Interview: Flume
    Interview: Flume

    Flumeā€™s debut album famously beat out One Direction for the number one spot in his native Australia, and the very nice folks at Mom + Pop had me speak with Harley for today’s North American release. How did the Flume project come about? I’ve been writing music since I was like eleven years old – it’s always been a hobby. I was initially focused on writing electro/house music under the […]

  • Premiere + Interview: Shivastep – “Ode To Tha Grind”
    Premiere + Interview: Shivastep - "Ode To Tha Grind"

    Ode To Tha Grind marks a heavier direction for Shivastep, who returns to us after a year immersed in the footwork/juke influences of his native Chicago and dirty southern hip hop. We spoke a bit about his work last night. How did you approach this second EP? Ode To Tha Grind comes from a similar place as my previous EP, but I dove more into hip hop, especially to augment […]

  • LP + Interview: I Am The Cosmos – Monochrome
    LP + Interview: I Am The Cosmos - Monochrome

    I Am The Cosmos‘ Monochrome carries a studio finesse and shoegaze aesthetic that would have fit perfectly on a label like 4AD, and fortunately their entire debut is unbelievably available for free on Vice. I was given the opportunity to speak with the duo about the record. How long did it take to make the album and where was it recorded? Cian Murphy: The album took around a year and […]

  • Interview: Shivastep
    Interview: Shivastep

    Los Angeles has emerged as a denizen for experimental electronic artists, and Shivastep stands among the finest. I shot him a few questions about his work. Where does the name Shivastep come from? Shivastep is a play on words, the dance of the Hindu god Shiva represents the destruction and rebirth of existence, so Shiva’s step refers to that as well as the step nods to electronic music. A theme […]

  • Substitute Teachers: Albert Swarm
    Substitute Teachers: Albert Swarm

    Albert Swarm is Finland’s best kept secret. The Substitute Teachers mix he made for us is an extraordinary reflection of the sounds you’ll hear on Wake – his sophomore release on Ceremony Recordings – and I was able to speak with him a bit about his work. Where does the name Albert Swarm come from? The name comes from a book I read while traveling on a subway in NYC […]

  • Substitute Teachers: You’ll Soon Know
    Substitute Teachers: You'll Soon Know

    Our latest Substitute Teachers mix comes from Tim Parker of London’s You’ll Soon Know, one of our all time favorite blogs and radio shows on NTS. I asked Tim a few questions after listening to his mix. How did You’ll Soon Know come into being? Rich is a good friend of mine, we went to university together and just before we finished we decided to start the blog as a […]